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About TYA-Ireland

TYA IRELAND is the national centre for the international organisation ASSITEJ.

What is ASSITEJ?

“This Association is dedicated to artistic, humanitarian and educational efforts, and no decision, action or statement of the Association shall be based on nationality, political conviction, cultural identity, ethnicity or religion.” – ASSITEJ Constitution

“This Association proposes to unite theatres, organisations and individuals throughout the world dedicated to theatre for children and young people.” – ASSITEJ Constitution

(A national centre pays annual subscription to ASSITEJ)


TYA Ireland is the national association representing and promoting professional organisations and individual artists whose work primarily focuses on engaging Irish children and young people through theatre. TYA Ireland provides a crucial link between members, the arts sector, the wider community and government.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide access to high quality professional performing arts experiences to all children and young people in Ireland.


  • To create a Forum for the Sector.
  • To increase the value / profile of the work.
  • To promote and foster training and development opportunities for practitioners in the sector.
  • To have an International Dimension.


  • To provide a point of connection for the development of the sector.
  • To increase the profile of performing arts for children/ young people amongst the wider performing arts sector, media, schools, families, politicians and decision makers.
  • To encourage opportunities for engagement with the international children’s / young people’s performing arts sector and to promote Irish work on an international level.
  • To proactively seek out and encourage partnerships with third level bodies and other relevant organisations and individuals in the training of practitioners for the sector.
  • To showcase Irish work at home and on an international level.
  • To explore ways of increasing public access.
  • To develop a strong relationship with the media.
  • To increase information exchange.

Criteria for membership – an applicant should:

  • Demonstrate a sustained commitment within the sector
  • Work towards the development of theatre for children and young people
  • Have an in-house policy with regard to work in the field of theatre for young audiences
  • Create and/or present work for young audiences

TYA Ireland, c/o Barnstorm Theatre Company, Church Lane, Kilkenny, Ireland

Tel: +353 56 7751266 E: Web:

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